T&T Wheelchair Accessible Transit & Tours Ltd

Historical Sites

  • Killarney / (Stollmeyer’s Castle) (WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE)
  • Mille Fleurs (WIP)
  • Angelo Bissessarsingh Heritage House (WIP)
  • Lopinot Historical complex (WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE)
  • Santa Rosa First Peoples Community
  • Angostura Distillery Tour
  • Kitchener’ Museum
  • Mount St. Benedict Monastery

Stollmeyer’s Castle

One of the historic Magnificent Seven buildings on the western side of the Queen’s Park Savannah, is the first of the Magnificent Seven to be constructed. This Scottish Baronial styled castle built in 1904, is said to be patterned after a wing of Balmoral Castle in Scotland. A warm, welcoming interior beckons, with its beautiful stained glass accent window, the rich, dark wooden floors and the wrap around balcony and the hand-crafted staircase

Mille Fleurs

Beautifully restored and refurbished, Mille Fleurs’ architectural style has been described as French Provincial, being one of seven magnificent mansions located around the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain. This mansion, built in 1904, features a balanced and symmetrical architectural style, with its intricately carved balusters, the marble treads, and risers into the building, the beautifully hand carved internal staircase, the elaborate and yet subtle cast iron columns and brackets.

Angelo Bissessarsingh Heritage House

This historic Gingerbread House with such elaborate fretwork, was constructed in 1906, in Belmont - the first suburb of Port of Spain. It has been transformed into a museum with timeless treasures of times past. Every room showcases exquisite craftsmanship of West Indian colonial furniture, silverware, fine china and porcelain dating back to the early 1900s.

Lopinot Historical Complex

The Lopinot Tourism Association Ltd welcome you to Lopinot - a restored agricultural estate in the verdant hills of Trinidad’s northern range where you are taken back in time, as you experience the history, culture and traditions. Learn about the history and folklore of the Count De Lopinot plantation, whose owner, the village is named after. Delight in the entire chocolate making process, from bean to bar.

Santa Rosa First Peoples Community

The Santa Rosa First Peoples Community is recognised as the only organisation involved in ensuring the preservation and survival of the First Peoples heritage within Trinidad and Tobago. Their members actively preserve their way of life in their food preparation, indigenous home construction, weaving using terite reeds, heavy strength basket making using mamu vines, hunting, herbal medicines, harvesting of forest fruits, nuts and building materials.

Angostura Distillery Tour

Tour the Angostura facilities where the world-famous Angostura aromatic bitters is made. Peek into the “Bitters Room” where Angostura Bitters is made. Its formula has not changed since 1824. The tour includes a visit to Angostura Museum, Butterfly Collection and Art Gallery, as well as their state-of-the-art distillery and bottling plant.

Kitchener’ Museum

Rain-o-Rama is the name of the former home – now turned into a museum, of the illustrious 11-time Road March winner -the late acclaimed calypso veteran - Kitchener, also known as “The Grand Master of Calypso”. Rain-o-rama displays the Grand Master’s memorabilia such as his old albums, suits, guitar and photos and his cherished accolades gained throughout his career. A singing career which spanned about six decades.

Mount St. Benedict Monastery

Mount St. Benedict Monastery Commanding an impressive yet serene hilltop views, nestled 4300 feet above sea level, in the lush green mountains of the Northern Range of Trinidad, is Mt St Benedict – the oldest monastic church in the region, founded by Benedictine Monks in 1912. The abbey consists of a tower, church, a monastery, a seminary, a drug rehabilitation center, a yogurt factory, and Pax Guest House. It provides a peaceful escape to find solace for all seeking quiet reflection.