T&T Wheelchair Accessible Transit & Tours Ltd

The Founder’s brother Egbert Gilbert died on the 23rd May 2021 and on his passing more time and dedication was poured into the business. It became apparent that the services provided by the company were greatly needed. This culminated in the development of a wheelchair specifically designed for wheelchair users on more challenging terrain so that they would have the benefit of certain outdoor experiences. This new innovation is called the “Eggie”.
  • Pointe a Pierre Wildfowl Trust
  • La Brea Pitch Lake
  • Asa Wright Nature Centre
  • Turtle watching
  • Caura River
  • Volcano Sites
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Kenson School of Production Technology (KSPT)
The Kenson School of Production Technology (KSPT) is a post-secondary technical school that prepares students for employment within the energy industry. The school was established in 1996 as a subsidiary of the Kenson Group of Companies – a supplier of Operations and Maintenance manpower services to major industry players. As such the school is able to harness relevant up-to-date information on a real-time basis to deliver a wide range of technical programmes to its candidates, which include secondary school graduates or adults who wish to transition from other industries to the oil and gas industry.
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