T&T Wheelchair Accessible Transit & Tours Ltd

Transit Services

Outpatients Clinic

We offer Non-Emergency Medical transport
(NEMT) services to and from your clinic visits. Our
vehicles are perfectly suited for persons who are
wheelchair bound or mobility impaired, who have limited
options for getting to and from their clinic appointments.

Doctor’s Appointment

Transportation is available for dialysis
appointments or any of your doctor’s appointments,
allowing you to coordinate and control your own
schedule. We pick you up at your residence and take
you back after your appointment.

Airport Shuttle

Punctuality is one of our priorities. Our drivers will
get you to and from the airport on time, in one of our
wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our services are
available 24/7.

Inter-Island Port Shuttle Service

We can pick you up from your residence, in your
wheelchair, in Trinidad or Tobago, take you directly to the
port of Port of Spain or to the port of Scarborough. You
would remain in our vehicle. Our vehicle would be driven
on to the Inter- Island ferry. You would then be taken
upstairs in your wheelchair via the ferry’s elevator. Upon
docking in Trinidad (or Tobago), we take you down to the
vehicle via the ferry’s elevator, then transported you to
your residence/ guest house/ hotel/ appointment. All
without having to leave the wheelchair.

Cruise Ship Terminal

Planning a cruise to Trinidad? We provide wheelchair
accessible shore tours. We can tailor tours to fit your
schedule. Our drivers are also certified tour guides.

Hospital/ Healthcare Facilities

We can arrange to pick up you or your relative
after being discharged from the hospital or post-surgery,
or not yet medically cleared for driving, and take you to
your home in comfort and hassle free.

Banks & Other Financial Institution

Getting to and from your bank, credit union or
insurance company is stress free. Take care of your
financial affairs knowing our vehicles can facilitate easy access for wheelchair users or persons with limited
mobility and three other relatives and/or caregivers.

Church / Wedding / Funeral Services

The mobility challenged and seniors who may
lack reliable and comfortable transportation designed for
easy entrance/ exit, can access their faith-based services
and special events. We provide wheelchair accessible
transportation during the week, as well as on weekends, at
any time of the day or night.